Thomas Supplier

Fully adjustable and moveable metal grow tables and trays for growing plants indoor or ourdoor. Used in the CBD industry with uv lighting rooms. Can be fabricated for lay down or stand up application.Please call for your specific pricing based on your dimessions and specifications. These tables are very simple to set up and require zero maintenance once set in place. Beased on your rooms square footage we can design a custom solution for your needs. All trays are made to roll to have easy access in between individual tables to tend to each individual pod freely. Most sizes are 48" X 48" and 48" X 96". We sell our units complete with plastic trays and all hardware needed to get you set up and in business.  If you have a custom design and would like us to fabricate it and assemble we can provide that service as well.

Grow tables/trays plants, hydroponics,Marijuana,cannabis, flower garden